2 arrested for drug possession, child endangerment

Melinda Rector
Melinda Rector
Willie Cullen Jr.
Willie Cullen Jr.

GREENHILLS, OH (FOX19) - Two Greenhills residents have been arrested for drug possession in the presence of a child.

Police arrested Melinda Sue Rector, 39, and Willie Cullen Jr., 38, after the incident on Saturday.

Authorities say that a vehicle was pulled over after traffic enforcement warrants were returned on the vehicle. Officers state that all three adults in the car were known to participate in drug activity.

Rector's 13-month-old child was also in the vehicle.

After consent was given to search the vehicle, officers found a variety of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Heroin folded in U.S. currency, a pipe and multiple prescription drugs were found in Rector's purse. Heroin was also found folded inside of U.S. currency in Cullen's shoe. An empty plastic bag with white residue and a small straw with unknown residue were found in the vehicle as well.

Both Rector and Cullen have been charged with possession of drugs. Rector was also charged with endangering children.

Rector and Cullen are scheduled to be arraigned at 9 a.m. on Monday.

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