Local Catholics celebrate Pope's inauguration

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Following Pope Francis' inauguration on Tuesday, local Tri-State Catholics celebrated the event with a special Mass.

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati held a Mass at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral to pray for the new Pope.

Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Binzer presided over the Mass.

"This is an opportunity to pray for him and pray for the church to celebrate his election as the new pope," Binzer said.

Members attending recognized this is not only a special time for the Church, but that the rest of the world is looking on as well.

"I would hope they see a sense of unity, that Catholics are united throughout the whole world and we all are about the papacy and we care about our faith and that we all celebrate the same thing on the same day," catholic Jennifer Mills told FOX19.

While many in the church recognize there is still much to learn about the new pope, one man leaving the Mass told FOX19 he is thus far inspired by the humility the new leader of the Church has shown.

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