Shark Ray exhibit opens Saturday at Newport Aquarium

Source: Newport Aquarium
Source: Newport Aquarium

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - The Newport Aquarium is featuring a new shark ray exhibit.

Beginning March 23, you can see more shark rays on display than anywhere else in the world in Newport Aquarium's Surrounded By Sharks Exhibit, featuring rare shark rays named Sweet Pea, Scooter, Sunshine and Spike.

The name Shark Ray, (Rhina ancylostoma), alludes to its appearance.  The front section is broad like a ray with prehistoric ridges along the head, while the back section resembles a shark with dual dorsal fins.

Meet the Aquarium's Shark Rays on display:

  • Sweet Pea – In 2005, Newport Aquarium made history by becoming the first aquarium in the Western Hemisphere to display their first Shark Ray, Sweet Pea.
  • Scooter – Added in 2007, to create the world's first Shark Ray Breeding Program.
  • Sunshine – Arrived at Newport Aquarium in 2009, and was on display in the Coral Reef Exhibit before transferring to the Aquarium's off-site research holding facility. She has now joined the rest of the Shark Ray group in the Surrounded By Sharks Exhibit.
  • Spike – The newest member of the Shark Ray group. He weighs just over 200 pounds and is the second male added to the group.

FOX19's Frank Marzullo will be at the Newport Aquarium swimming with the shark rays, Friday on the FOX19 Morning News.

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