Retired teacher chooses to go to jail

Obie Cargile
Obie Cargile
Obie's ticket for a broken taillight in January
Obie's ticket for a broken taillight in January

(FOX19) - A retiree chose to spend a few days in jail, on purpose, and couldn't be happier about the experience.

He says it's just one more thing to cross off his bucket list.

Obie Cargile, 71, was pulled over in January for a broken taillight, and when he went to court, they asked him to pay around $265 in fines.

"I said this is ridiculous... Then the judge said 3 days if you don't pay, and I said lock me up!" said Cargile.

He spent two and a half days behind bars, but says he's seen worse.

"It wasn't raining, air conditioning, TV. I mean my goodness, many Americans don't have it that good. Many people that work don't have it that good," said Cargile.

During his stay in jail, he was even given nicknames.

"The guards called me 'Old School'. The inmates called me 'Big Man'... I don't know why, I'm only 200 pounds," said Cargile.

Cargile is a retired school teacher, and isn't done crossing things off of his bucket list. He wants to hike the Appalachian Trail, biking it all the way down to Georgia, and see Redwood Trees in California.

He says he learned a lot from the unique experience of choosing jail, except for maybe one thing.

He still hasn't fixed his broken taillight.

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