Memorial Service Held For Hacking

Memorial service held for Lori Hacking in Utah

Lori Hacking, whose husband has been charged with her murder, was memorialized at a service in Orem, Utah, today, as a loving woman who brought people joy. The president of the Mormon church where the service was held said Lori has been adopted into the lives of many people who never met her. Scott Dunaway said she's become a daughter, a sister and a granddaughter to many people. Lori Hacking has been missing since July 19th. Two of her husband's brothers say he admitted shooting her and dumping her body in a trash bin. The body has not been recovered. Among the 600 people at the service: Lori's parents and her husband's parents. Some of the victim's memorabilia was on display, including her wedding dress and a poster-sized photograph of her.