Woodstock Anniversary

Thirty-five years after, Woodstock lingers in popular imagination

Even as the hippies of Woodstock become eligible for AARP cards and Social Security, tourists still flock to the former hay field where a concert 35 years ago helped define a generation. Today marks its anniversary. The steady dribble of nostalgic baby boomers and curious Gen-Xers to the remote field shows how Woodstock still reverberates in the popular imagination. The concert remains a symbol to many of the transcendent power of music. The Woodstock story is well known: rock promoters fail to land the lefty arts colony of Woodstock for a festival site and settle on a dairy farm about 50 miles southwest in Bethel. Some 400-thousand people show up and by the time the weekend of rain, mud and blissful anarchy was over, Woodstock had became an icon of hedonism, anti-war sentiment and youth culture.