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Salt truck drivers work long hours to keep roads safe


With the anticipation of adverse winter weather, salt trucks with the City of Cincinnati have been preparing the roads for travelers.

Trucks have been pre-treating roadways since 7 a.m.

Salt truck driver David Steward has been working long hours to clean up the roads.   

"I enjoy getting out here helping keep the road clean so people can get back and forth to work," said Steward.  "[I] try to make them safe as possible, you know."

Safety is Steward's number one priority while driving his six-ton dump truck. However, hazards are always there.

"You know you got cars coming up and down the street trying to pass you and that's bad," explained Steward. "That can be bad so a lot of times it's just dealing with the other people driving because they don't realize you're in this big truck and if this truck slides out of control you might hurt somebody."

During his 12-hour shift, Steward may reload his truck with salt several times. Steward's route is on the east side of town where roads are prioritized.

"First you want to do the hills," said Steward. "Then the roads get bad you want to pre-treat them first and then you got your priority ones like the main streets."

Last on Steward's priority list are residential streets. Here, Steward says he will sometimes get flagged down.  

"All the time people want to stop you and have you hit a spot for them that may not have been hit good enough and we just go by and get to it. A lot of times I just do it for them since I'm right there."

Many people appreciate the service that Steward and others perform for the City.  

"I think the guys that are taking care of our streets are doing a wonderful job, a wonderful job," said Cincinnati resident Carl Behanan.  "If people are hating on them, let's see if we can go 24 hours without them."

The City of Cincinnati has approximately 55 crews working throughout the night keeping roadways clear of ice and snow.

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