Do Not Call

Trade Commission receives nearly half-million "do-not-call" complaints

When the do-not-call registry went into effect, the Federal Trade Commission urged consumers to file complaints about violators. AP Radio has learned that more than 450-thousand complaints have been filed so far and there are more than 130 companies with at least 100 complaints against them. Lois Greisman, associate director of the FTC's Division of Planning and Information, says some of the complaints have had an unintended effect. They've resulted in fraud charges against two debt management companies. Greisman says the telemarketing industry has had a good track record complying with the do-not-call registry. She says at this point, "the calls consumers are going to be receiving are from the bad guys." Greisman says between 100-thousand and 200-thousand numbers are still being added to the registry each week. Most are for cell phones. A recent Harris poll suggested 90 percent of people on the list have seen a drop-off in telemarketing calls. About 25 percent say the calls have stopped completely.