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Will Portman: Dad offered 'rock-solid' support in coming out

Will Portman (Source: Twitter) Will Portman (Source: Twitter)
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Two weeks after U.S. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio announced his support for gay marriage, his son details his own struggle with coming out of the closet.

In an editorial written for the Yale Daily News, Will Portman writes about his two uncertainties when he started at Yale as a freshman in the fall of 2010: Whether his dad would be elected to the U.S. Senate in November, and if he'd ever work up the courage to reveal his sexuality to friends and family.

Portman says he decided to write a letter to his parents after failing to come out in person to them.

He writes, "They called as soon as they got the letter. They were surprised to learn I was gay, and full of questions, but absolutely rock-solid supportive. That was the beginning of the end of feeling ashamed about who I was."

Earlier this month, his father, a Republican, dropped his opposition to gay marriage, in part because of his own son. Will explains his father's very public decision in the editorial.

"Some people have criticized my dad for waiting for two years after I came out to him before he endorsed marriage for gay couples. Part of the reason for that is that it took time for him to think through the issue more deeply after the impetus of my coming out. But another factor was my reluctance to make my personal life public."

To read Will Portman's full article, visit the Yale Daily News website.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a challenge to Proposition 8, a 2000 California law passed by voters limiting marriage to couples of the opposite sex.

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