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FOX19's Tracey Johnson meets Gladys the Gorilla

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FOX19's Tracey Johnson was the first local media personality who got the amazing opportunity to personally meet Baby Gladys the Gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo.

The Zoo has been using human surrogates to mimic gorilla behavior with the ultimate goal to get Gladys in the hands of a gorilla surrogate.

Gladys was born Jan. 29 at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas. After the birth her mother didn't respond well and rejected the infant. This behavior, which occasionally happens in first-time mothers, resulted in keepers from the Gladys Porter Zoo stepping in to hand-rear the infant until they had a plan in place. Unfortunately, all of the viable surrogates there already had young gorillas, so they began to look elsewhere. The Cincinnati Zoo was determined to be the best home for the baby.

Zoo officials say Gladys is healthy and doing well.

See more photos of Gladys here:

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