DNA matched to crime spree suspect 4 years later

Virgus Colt Browning III, 22 (Source: ISP)
Virgus Colt Browning III, 22 (Source: ISP)

UNION/FAYETTE COUNTY, IN (FOX19) - A Liberty man was arrested on Wednesday after investigators used DNA evidence collected from a crime scene more than four years ago.

Authorities say Virgus Colt Browning III, 22, faces three counts of felony burglary and one count of felony theft from burglaries in Union and Fayette Counties.

According to Indiana State Police, Trooper Eric Thumb was called to a garage burglary on Springersville Road in Union County in August 2008. Thumb collected a blood sample from a broken window believed to have been broken by the suspect.

He then took a stolen bike report from a house just a few doors down, which was later found in a ditch on Springersville Road in Fayette County. Police say blood was again collected from the scene.

In addition, a car was stolen from a home near to where the bike was ditched. Authorities say Thumb once again took blood samples from blood found in the car.

Just a little further down the road Thumb took a stolen report for a pickup truck, which was found crashed later that evening in Fayette County. Blood was found in the truck and samples were again taken by Thumb.

All the samples were then submitted to the Indiana State Police Lab.

In January 2013, Police say Thumb received a surprise call from the State Police Lab. They advised him they had a DNA match for his 2008 reports.

According to investigators, DNA testing showed that Browning was a match for the 2008 crime spree. He had been arrested on another charge and his DNA was taken to add to a data base kept on offenders.

As a result of that sample, authorities say they were able to find their match.

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