NKU reveals why former AD was fired

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KY (FOX19) - Northern Kentucky University (NKU) officials have released new information about the termination of the school's athletic director.

According to a letter from NKU's President Geoffrey Mearns, Eaton admitted to having inappropriate, intimate relationships with four NKU employees, including two women he supervised. In addition, officials say he admitted to having an intimate relationship with a student in a class in which he was the instructor.

Officials say three of those women are no longer employed by the university and the student no longer attends NKU.

"The relationships preexisted the investigation, but of course none of them were known until we received the initial allegation which prompted the investigation," Mearns explained.

Mearns states in the letter that Eaton failed to disclose the relationships and noting his "pattern of misconduct" constitutes a violation of the school's Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct.

"Simply put, Mr. Eaton's pattern of misconduct was inappropriate, it was unacceptable," said Mearns.

According to NKU's Code of Conduct, "The University strongly urges those individuals in positions of authority not to engage in conduct of an amorous or sexual nature with a person they are, or are likely in the future to be, in a position of evaluating."

The Personal Relationships section of the code goes on to say that such relationships must be reported to the dean, a department chair or supervisor.

Scott Eaton was fired on March 18 following a termination letter from Mearns. NKU President Geoffrey Mearns said he first suspended Eaton when he became aware of possible misconduct and then moved to fire his athletic director after receiving more information.

Mearns says he was initially alerted by someone from outside of the University. He also reiterated that the investigation has in no way impacted the University's athletic compliance.

NKU says they are continuing a financial review investigating Eaton's management of the athletic department.

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