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Councilman joins residents in Mt. Pleasant Community Canvas

Councilman Zack Reed helping Cleveland community spread a message of warning. Councilman Zack Reed helping Cleveland community spread a message of warning.

Leaders in the Mt. Pleasant community have had enough.  They were pounding the pavement Saturday to spread the word about the killers and rapists among them.

Block by block, and house by house community leaders are hoping to warn and arm their neighbors against those who mean to do the women around them harm.  Jazmine Trotter's accused killer has been arrested, but the man who attacked another young lady in the area is still out there. And the person or persons who killed Christine Malone and Jameela Hansan have yet to be caught.

"Our community is at hostage with these kind of people.  This is why we're out here," said Eugene Brown, of the Lee-Harvard Community Association.

Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed rounded up volunteers to distribute two thousand flyers to residents around E. 93rd and Union today.

"Don't get complacent.  Don't get too secure in light of one person in custody.  We still have two or more that are out there and we still have the person that grabbed the young lady on 116th St," said Reed.

They're encouraging vigilance.

"We got a lot of block clubs. We have signs posted but we want people to be visible to what's on your street. Who is walking down your street? Who's driving? If you see something strange…call," said Brown.

"I talked to my nieces, talked to my daughters...tried to tell them don't go out alone, don't be out after dark," said Mt. Pleasant, resident Ed Wilson.

"When they say they need a ride, we have to give them a ride.  No longer do we need to have our ladies walking the street at 4:00 in the morning by themselves. Whether they're going to school, or matter where they're going, we need to protect our women," said Reed.

Part of the action some of these activists would like to see their neighbors take is some initiative in cleaning up a lot of these vacant lots once the weather finally turns.

If you can't physically clean up the abandoned homes and lots, Councilman Reed says call your congressperson and encourage them to secure funds to rid the neighborhood of these breeding grounds for predators.

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