Pizza delivery driver rescues baby after garage fire

Pizza delivery driver rescues baby after garage fire

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - A pizza delivery driver steps in to bring a baby out of a home whose garage was on fire.

One of our Facebook fans alerted us to this story.

The fire broke out inside a Norwood garage on Sunday around 5:00 p.m.

Adam Thomas, a delivery driver at the LaRosa's on Montgomery and a Norwood resident, was at the scene before the fire department.

"I was running down the street and I'm trying to see where the flames are coming from, and as I get to flames, I see on the porch are three little girls and they're crying, hysterically," said Adam Thomas as recounted Sunday's event.

The children told Thomas that their parents and a baby were still inside. When asked if he had any hesitation heading into the house at this point, he replied, "No, no. Because I have kids. All I thought about was her right there, [my daughter], and I thought if that was her, anybody would do the same thing. I mean there is no way I would let kids sit there."

Adam found the other family members and alerted them to the garage fire. The parents had Thomas take the baby outside and bring the other children to safety.

"It looked like hell on earth," Thomas described. "It looked absolutely scary, and when I drove by later on, I was shocked this house was standing."

The garage of the Indian Mound home is at a complete loss. The fire burned so hot that the siding on two nearby homes was damaged.

The flames also torched a vehicle inside the garage.

No one was hurt.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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