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Patrons and players hit the green on first day of Masters Week

The sun splashed Augusta National on the first day of practice for the 2013 Masters Tournament, as thousands hit the green to get a first look at the golf course.

"Don't tell my wife how good the grass looks, because I'll never get mine to look this good," said Bryan Thomas who's visiting from Myrtle Beach.

"It's beautiful," said Leslie Brooks. She's been to a few tournaments in the past.

The day was beautiful enough for golfers to take a few swings early in the day, many hoping to earn a green jacket and an invite into the prestigious club. Players practiced their drives throughout the 18- hole course, getting a feel for the grounds. At the same time others just garnered cheers from the crowd with trick shots around the green.

Many patrons on the course overwhelmed by the atmosphere; scrambling to find their favorite players to snap a quick photo.

"I hope it's Phil!" said Jason Johnson, who drove up from Savannah.

"It's a great experience," said Shaun Brown. It's his first time coming to the Masters Tournament. "We're trying to find Tiger. We haven't seen him yet."

"Having a great time. I'm rooting for Tiger," said Merv Waldrop, a Waynesboro native who's happy to welcome other patrons to the CSRA.

And while most of the guests wandered to each corner the course, everyone else visited the shops getting their hands on the exclusive Masters Tournament gear.

"I'm excited to go shopping!" said Christian Domingue. This is her fifth time coming to the Masters. Last year she was walking around 9 months pregnant. She had her baby two days after the tourney. She says this year she won't be as tired walking around.

She an other patrons are stocking up before the real tournament gets started later on this week. And though some patrons are a little worried about a rainy forecast closer to the tournament, for now, they're just soaking in the sun.

"It's beautiful out today, and we're just getting here," Waldrop said.

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