Community leaders call for study on Cincinnati's youth

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Councilmember Yvette Simpson and leaders from the Youth Commission of Cincinnati have announced the release of a request for proposal to conduct a groundbreaking study on the state of Cincinnati's youth.

This request, released by the City of Cincinnati on April 2, 2013, seeks to identify a vendor to complete the research.

Focusing on six major factors of Cincinnati youth life: crime; poverty and homelessness; education; workforce development; health; and developmental opportunities, this study will analyze the interrelationship among and impact of these factors on our young people. The vendor will work closely with the Youth Commission to craft the study with a "plan of action" in mind, creating recommendations that can be implemented citywide, by the City as well as its community partners.

"I am excited for the results this research will bring," stated Councilmember Simpson, "Cincinnati has many wonderful organizations dedicated to youth. This work will guide the City and its partners by identifying how to prioritize resources and create a strategic approach to ensure more young people are advancing in areas most critical to their future success."

This study will be unique in Cincinnati. There is no current local data on Cincinnati youth.  Other recent research has been regionally-focused, and primarily addresses health concerns. This study will address the "whole child" by examining six critical factors in a child's life and how these factors impact one another.

The Youth Commission of Cincinnati is a citywide commission formed in spring of 2012 to act as a voice for the needs of Cincinnati youth, and to guide city leaders on decisions relating to youth concerns. It is also charged with evaluating current policies, laws, programs, and services impacting Cincinnati youth. Members of the commission include leaders from a wide variety of organizations serving youth.

All bids for the study are due by May 2, 2013.  Once a vendor is selected, the research should take approximately one year to complete.

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