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New dinosaur shaking ground at Kings Island


You may feel a rumble on the ground this year at Kings Island - The world's largest animatronic dinosaur has arrived at Dinosaurs Alive!

The Sauroposeidon, known as the Earth Quake Lizard, was unearthed in the United States and is estimated to be between 112 to 118 feet long and 56 feet tall, and 50 to 60 tons.

Kings Island's Sauropseidon will be the length of three school buses and the height of a six-story building, to show just how gigantic they really were.

Park officials say this dinosaur's size made transporting it a 'creative challenge'. The Earth Quake Lizard arrived at Kings Island on Monday in four separate shipping containers and will take a crew two weeks to set up.

Dinosaurs Alive! is now in its third season and features more than 65 life-size, moving roaring dinosaurs.

Entry is not included in park admission to Kings Island. A separate $5 ticket is required.

Both Kings Island and Dinosaurs Alive! open for the 2013 season on April 27.

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