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Investigators face new questions in Markham's death


The discovery of Katelyn Markham's skeletal remains has lead to a new investigation into her death.

Indiana State Police say the focus of their investigation now is to answer the questions of how Markham died and where she died.

While those questions might be painful and painstaking to answer, investigators now have the key piece to the puzzle they have been searching for; a gruesome discovery for one man that could turn the page on the mystery of what happened to Katelyn Markham.             

Andy Hicks and his wife were the one who came across the Fairfield woman's remains near Cedar Grove in Indiana.

"I just hope the family gets closure, you know what I mean? I'm glad that they know where their girl's at now and I hope they get closure," Andy Hicks told FOX19.

Hicks, like most people, had long forgotten about the story of the woman who disappeared from Fairfield.

"I vaguely remember hearing about it a couple of years ago when it happened, but it had long been out of my mind because I never, never thought it would be around here," he said.

The spot he found Markham is not easily visible from the roadway. The unofficial dump site is located down an embankment on the winding Big Cedar South Road more than 25 miles from Markham's home.

Hicks was combing the roadside creek bed with his wife for scrap like he does a few times a year when he came upon the unofficial dump.

"It was the first time I've dug in this dump site," Hicks said. "It was the first time I've seen it."

What Hicks found under the pile, the skeletal remains, has kept him awake at night. A father himself, Hicks has not been able to shake the reality of what he happened upon.

"Oh yeah, yeah, I've got three girls of my own," Hicks said.  "I've got a little boy on the way. It's pretty harsh."

He hopes his discovery, while painful, will be the beginning of answers and healing.

"I know it's not full closure, but it's a start," Hicks said. "They know where their girl's at now."

Fairfield Police Chief Michael Dickey says his department is working with Indiana State Police on the investigation, but says right now ISP is taking the lead.

Dickey says he believes their involvement will be an advantage in that they will now have a fresh set of eyes on the investigation for re-interviewing and reviewing evidence.

The Franklin County Coroner is handling the case in conjunction with ISP and has contracted with Hamilton County to perform the autopsy. Currently, there is no timeframe on when that process will be complete.

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