Starting salaries jump for 2013 college grads

Majors with biggest salary increases, courtesy of CNN.
Majors with biggest salary increases, courtesy of CNN.

Spring is in the air. And it's a sign we're close to that point every year where thousands of college seniors in the Tri-State begin their new lives in the "real world." The good news this year is that many of them will be making more money.

Those graduating in a few weeks with their bachelor's degrees can expect to make about $45,000 in the first year at their new job, a bump of 5.3% over what last year's grads made. That's according to a new report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

When it comes to money, people starting out with degrees in health sciences will do best. They're expected to make 9.4% more than last year's grads. Business, education, computer science, and engineering majors will also do well.

Graduates with degrees in the humanities and social sciences will get the smallest increase --- a mere 1.9%. But hey, at least you're done with college.