Vigil held for murdered Madisonville man

MADISONVILLE, OH (FOX19) - Dozens of people gathered on Saturday afternoon in memory of a man gunned down exactly one year ago.

Marcus Daniel was shot in his vehicle on the 5000 block of Chandler Street in Madisonville on April 13, 2012.

The murder of Marcus Daniel remains unsolved. Friends and family gathered on Saturday at the site of his killing to honor his memory.

The family feels that someone out there knows who killed Marcus. They are urging individuals with information to come forward.

"I feel as if everyone in the street knows and they're just afraid to say something" says Marcus's grandmother Margaret,  "and I don't know why."

Marcus's mother, Marcia, also echoes these sentiments.

"Quit all that snitches get stitches and all that stuff. You need to tell. I need to know who killed my son."

Marcia worries for her own safety knowing that her son's killer is still on the loose.

"Tonight before the sun goes down I need to be in the house because I'm scared," explains Marcia. "When I go home I got to drive and keep driving to make sure no one is following me because I don't know who did it and I don't know why."

Many people on hand know Marcia's sorrow first-hand. They gathered on Saturday to show support.

"My son Johnny was murdered in 2007," said Peggy Harris. "So you know we want to stand together and stand united and just pray that we can bring an end to this violence."

Violence like this takes a terrible toll in families. Marcus's fiance, Gertrude, and young daughter lost a loved one a year ago.

"He was taken away from us and we want to know who did it. We want to know why," said Gertrude. "You know he left a beautiful little girl here, family, he had people who really loved him."

Evidence of this love can be seen in a makeshift memorial in the front yard of the home where Marcus's grandmother used to live.

Marcus's grandmother says that she watched from her doorway as Marcus was shot to death.

She was so traumatized, she had to move.

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