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Attorney: Katelyn Markham's murder could be work of serial killer

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As investigators look for evidence among the remains of Katelyn Markham, one experienced criminal defense attorney has a theory about what happened to the Fairfield woman.

Markham's remains were discovered one week ago along a creek near Cedar Grove, Indiana. Markham had been missing since August of 2011, where she was last seen by her fiance at their Fairfield home.

She became the subject of an intensive search effort by police, firefighters and volunteers.

Attorney Mark Krumbein has years of experience defending murderers, kidnappers and even one man suspected of being a serial killer.

Krumbein says the circumstances surrounding the murder of Katelyn Markham and other young women bear some striking similarities.  

"In Indiana, maybe 75 miles away at Bloomington, Laura Spierer disappeared from the planet on June 3rd, 2011," explains Krumbein.

Spierer's disappearance preceded the disappearance of Markham by only two months. Spierer's body has never been found. In December of 1997, 23-year-old Laney Gwinner vanished from a Fairfield bowling alley. Months later, her body was found in the Ohio River.

"White females that disappeared with no explanation and two out of the three were found dead," said Krumbein. "I think this could be the act of a serial killer."

FOX19 contacted Markham's fiance, John Carter, by phone. Carter said that Krumbein's theory is shocking.

"I'm very torn up and shocked by this information. I don't know what to think," said Carter. "I hope that whoever did this is caught and punished to the fullest extent."

Krumbein further explains that the manner in which Markham's body was found could provide some important clues.

"It could represent somebody that treated her as if she were a piece of trash, unfortunately, and threw her in what's a dump. That could be something that would be something more of a trait of a serial killer or a random killer as opposed to somebody that knew her."

Krumbein states that most serial killers fit a certain description.


"The typical serial killer is a male white, young, maybe attractive looking guy that wouldn't cause any initial alarm to anybody," explains Krumbein. "They want to see it on television or in the newspaper or hear it on radio about the case itself, but they don't want themselves to be exposed."

Krumbein says the fact that Markham's body was dumped in another state fits the profile of a serial killer who hoped to throw off investigators.

Krumbein states that these killers tend to choose their victims at random, making them all the more difficult to catch.  

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