Rob Williams reflects on Boston tragedy

A year ago yesterday I was in Boston running 26.2 miles.  The Boston Marathon is special.  It is the gold standard.  It is the only one, for which you have to qualify. It is an honor to run.

Hearing about the bombings at the Boston finish lines makes me not only sad but angry. It makes me angry for the runners and people who were cheering them on. The focus is no longer the accomplishment of completing the world's premier marathon. A day of celebration turned into a day of fear, and that makes me sad.

However, I don't think this should keep people from doing Boston next year or cheering on the runners. In fact I think more people should.  Show the person or people involved that we will not be shaken. Not as runners, not as a city and not as a country.

FOX19 News Anchor Rob Williams ran in the Boston Marathon in 2012.