Keeping stress & anxiety at bay after Boston bombing

Many people swear by meditation as a way to keep stress from overwhelming them.
Many people swear by meditation as a way to keep stress from overwhelming them.

For hours on Monday, we worried. Were all the runners from the Tri-State safe?

Those of us in the FOX19 newsroom had no immediate connection with any of them. But after the twin explosions shook the final yards of the Boston Marathon, we worried. We worried, of course, not only about the lives of our neighbors but of all the runners and supporters who'd gathered in Copley Square.

The stress and anxiety that settles on our shoulders then digs into our chest and mind after national tragedies like this can be overwhelming.

However, most of us don't have the luxury of lying on the couch for days to get over it. There are children to be cared for and bosses who expect jobs to get done. So doctors say there are ways you can try to keep stress and anxiety at bay:

  • Try to avoid drugs and alcohol. They may make you feel good at the time but they can be a dangerous crutch.
  • Find support. Talk to a friend, member of the clergy, or a counselor. Sharing emotions lightens the load.
  • Be with friends. You may not feel like it, but getting out of the house to have fun and share laughs can really de-stress a person.
  • Be good to yourself. Exercise, engage in yoga, and/or practice meditation. Try to get 6-8 hrs of sleep. Eat healthy. Keep your mind active.

But if you continue having trouble sleeping, experience excessive fear, or are unable to complete your usual tasks, see a doctor. This is not an issue you want to pretend doesn't exist because that has a funny way of only making it worse.