Local group sending supplies to Waco, Texas

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - As residents of West, Texas try to rebuild their lives after a fertilizer plant explosion this week, they're getting some help from one organization here in the tri-state.  Matthew 25 Ministries is heading up that effort.

"We have plans to ship one truckload of supplies down to the Waco area to help the people who have been displaced because of the explosion," said Joodi Archer, Matthew 25 Ministries Development Director.

A truckload might not sound like a lot.  But, when you're talking about a semi-truck that's 53 feet long packed with blankets, personal care kits, cleaning supplies and baby products, they'll be able to help tens of thousands of people over and over again.

"A typical truckload of supplies is going to help around 25,000 people.  I realize that many people may not have been directly impacted by this particular tragedy, but they're also going to need supplies for a while," added Archer.

Each business day, on average, there are 2 to 4 semi-trucks full of goods that leave from the Matthew 25 Ministries facility all destined for people who need a little bit of assistance.  The truck headed to Texas next week is part of that effort, and part of a call to help.

"It's just good to know that what I did today will help.  And, the people that I was working with today will help those people in the very near future for whatever they need," said Bob Simon, a volunteer.

This first truckload may not be the only shipment heading south, but it is still a waiting game to see just how much more help they can give to the people who need it.

"As the assessment of damage is complete and we have a better sense of what the ongoing needs are, then we'll continue to work with our partners and see what we need to do," Archer told FOX19.

That truck is set to ship out next week.

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