Local leaders take the 'Preschool Promise'

Non-profit, faith community, education, government and business leaders visited a local preschool on Tuesday and pledged to created The Cincinnati Preschool Promise and ensure a quality preschool experience for every child in the community.

The pledge states, 'I pledge to work with public and private sector leaders to support a responsibility financed Cincinnati Preschool Promise. This commitment includes my willingness to work with others to identify the best possible program and to help secure the resources necessary to get it done.'

Leaders will come together as part of a design team to finalized the details of the program this spring. Partners include Cincinnati Public Schools, United Way Success by 6, 4C for Children, Strive Partnership, Crossroads Church and numerous local early childhood programs.

"The Cincinnati Preschool Promise will increase the number of quality programs in the city and offer an affordable option for families who struggle with the cost of preschool," said Stephanie Byrd, executive director of Success by 6.

The pledge can be signed online at www.facebook.com/PreschoolPromise or www.4cforchildren.org/promise.

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