Sheila faces her fear of birds in her hair

Sheila with Rio
Sheila with Rio

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - "I saw Alfred Hitchcock's classic movie The Birds when I was pretty young.  My fear, it's not so much that birds will attack but the thought of them in my hair. I can't stand it," Sheila says.

Sheila faced her fear at the Cincinnati Zoo with bird trainers Eddie Annal and Markee Jeffries.

The "Wings of Wonder" Bird Show, which started in 1983 by Gary Denzler, was one of the country's earliest bird shows. 

Annal says Sheila's fear is very common and many people come to the show to face that fear.

Sheila got the chance to meet and make friends with the stars of the zoo's bird show, BG and Rio.

Annal let the birds fly and Sheila was a little taken aback. After she got the chance to offer Rio a pecan for a treat, she warmed up and faced her fear.