Mallory gives raise to aides amid possible layoffs

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory is giving raises to four of his top aides. The bump in salaries range between an 11-20% increase.

The City's Director of Public Affairs, Jason Barron, confirmed the salary increase.

Barron said a 16% raise was given to himself. Shawn Butler, Director of Community Affairs, received an 11% raise.

A 20% pay increase went to Director of International Affairs, Arlen Herrell and the former Director of Legislative Affairs, Ryan Adcock.

Adcock recently left to lead the 'Collaboration for Infant Mortality Reduction', who Mallory said will not be replaced on his staff. According to Barron, Mallory gave pay increases to the remaining three for taking on Adcock's workload, in addition to their own.

City payroll records reveal Barron earned $66,144 in 2012. Butler earned $71,349, Herrell earned $59,961 and Adcock made $66,049.

The City administration previously expressed that layoffs are unavoidable to close Cincinnati's $35 million budget deficit, including positions in the police and fire departments.

Mayor Mallory sent a letter on Wednesday to City Budget Director Lea Eriksen, regarding the Mayor's Office budget. He says a series of cuts were made to help balance the budget deficit, including not hiring two part-time staffers as originally intended.

The Mayor's Office told FOX19 this is part of a $66,000 savings that will reduce the budget deficit and maintain city personnel.

Here's how that savings break down:

  • $33,000 of it will come from the mayor reducing his office budget for the remainder of the year.
  • $20,000 will come from the mayor moving money from this year's budget to 2014.
  • And the remaining $13,000? The difference between the salary for a position the mayor won't replace, and the pay raises for the three people left to do extra work to fill that gap.

The aides' salary raises total nearly $30,000, which City Councilman Chris Smitherman says could also be saved.

"Instead of saying I'm going to save $70,000, you say we're all going to get in a room and split up the money amongst ourselves. That really doesn't make citizens feel good that we are good stewards of their money," said Smitherman.

FOP President Kathy Harrell says after speaking with Mayor Mallory on Wednesday, it was clear where his priorities are.

"I said to the mayor, do you have any idea how bad this looks? How bad this looks? He says, 'yeah I do but, well I don't need to hear but'. But doesn't get it. You gave double digit pay raises to people who you believe work very hard but you know what we're out there every single day putting our life on the line. He [Mallory] felt like they were entitled to that pay raise and I said sir, we're down 164 police officers. We're working harder with less," said Harrell.

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