Local school named kindest in America

MASON, OH (FOX19) - Mason High School has been named by the 26 Acts of Kindness Facebook page as the Kindest School in America for March.

The school will receive the Ducks of Sandy Hook, symbols of an idea used by Sandy Hook School Resource Officer Todd to let the children of Sandy Hook Elementary know their school is safe to come back to, that school is a place for learning, not fear, and that school is where they can always find friends.

MHS will be posting photos with the ducks:

  • Follow us on Twitter:  MHS_Ducks  #DucksatMHS
  • Instagram: DucksatMHS
  • Facebook Pages:
    • facebook.com/TheDucksofSandyHookatMasonHighSchool
    • facebook.com/26acts
    • facebook.com/TheDucksofSandyHookElementary

"Random acts of kindness aren't hard to do, but those meaningful acts start to snowball and that's the kind of momentum we've seen happening all week!" said Anne Toohey, MHS math teacher and one of the leaders of the Kindness Campaign.

All 800 members of the Freshman class of 2016 were challenged to perform 4,000 acts of kindness – one act per day, per student, for five days.

By 8:15 am Friday, more than 4,600 acts of kindness had been performed just by freshman. Acts included posting notes of encouragement on classmates' lockers, helping teachers carry boxes up flights of stairs, picking up the tab at lunch, and offering high fives and pats on the back to peers.

Students also gathered items and money for Tender Mercies, a Cincinnati organization that helps homeless adults with emotional or mental disabilities. So far, $6,300 has been collected or pledged.

"This has gone beyond my wildest expectations,'' said Jerry Schrock, a social studies teacher who spearheaded the effort. "As its gained momentum, it's gotten more serious – the kids are using social media to spread it."

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