5/3 employee reports suspicious powder in envelope

MADISONVILLE, OH (FOX19) - Authorities were called to the Fifth Third Bank Operations Center on Thursday after an employee reported opening an envelope with an unidentified white power inside.

The location is a processing facility for the bank in Madisonville, visible from Interstate 71 in Ohio, located at 5050 Kingsley Drive. The report was made around 5 p.m.

Police say the employee opened a larger envelope and found a white powdery substance, in addition to small, written letters.

The employee accidentally inhaled the substance. No symptoms were reported, so they were not taken to the hospital.

Authorities on scene say the letters did not seem threatening in any way, but couldn't make out specifically what was written.

The investigation revealed the mailed item was a bill payment being sent to a third party, only being processed by the 5/3 center.

The unidentified white powder was tested by hazmat crews on scene, later determined to be a hoax.

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