New website enables access to eviction history in N. Ky.

NORTHERN KENTUCKY (FOX19) - It hasn't been easy for landlords in Northern Kentucky to find out if potential renters have previously been evicted.

Normally, they have to check individual court dockets from Boone, Campbell and Kenton County. However, a new website makes uncovering a person's eviction history much easier.

There are tens of thousands of homes and apartments for rent in Northern Kentucky, but a small percentage of the people who live in them are repeatedly being evicted.

Covington's Assistant City Engineer, Mike Yeager says soon landlords will have the ability to find out who those people are.

"The goal is to screen potential tenants," he said.

Yeager says some of those potential tenants have a troubled history.

"Bad tenants are getting evicted, and they're just moving around the corner or somewhere else within the city or the region, and we'd like to make that more difficult for them," Yeager explained.

Charles Tassell with the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association says, "The point of it is when they're doing background checks, you can find out if somebody's been evicted, or if they have a pattern of evictions, and what that comes down to is - Is this a one time financial situation or is this a pattern of behavior?"

Behavior that Tassell says can mean trouble.

"It's kind of the 90-10 rule, but that 10% is a huge problem, and they're the ones that keep causing more problems within the community, because they typically move right within a community and they continue to cause problems there," Tassell added.

Folks who are endanger of being evicted can get help from the Brighton Center in Newport. Lauren Copeland, the Brighton Center's Family Center Coordinator says, "If job loss is a reason and really can't secure employment what are some barriers that we might be able to address to help people do that so that they can maintain that stability in housing."

The Brighton Center's Development Director, Bear Clifton, says the need for assistance is growing.

"We've actually saw donors who have always contributed to Brighton Center now having to come access our basic services. They don't know where their next meal is coming from. They don't know if they're going to be able to keep their family housed," said Clifton.

When the website is launched in the next few weeks, landlords will be able access eviction information from potential tenants from all over Northern Kentucky with just the click of a mouse.

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