Mayor Mallory retracts pay raises for top aides

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory is no longer giving raises to three of his top aides, according to a statement released on Friday.

The Mayor originally gave Jason Barron, Director of Public Affairs, Shawn Butler, Director of Community Affairs, and Director of International Affairs, Arlen Herrell an 11-20% pay increase.

Former Director of Legislative Affairs, Ryan Adcock, left to lead the 'Collaboration for Infant Mortality Reduction'. Mallory attributed the raise to the fact that Barron, Butler and Herrell have since taken on his workload, in addition to their own.

The mayor said beginning next pay period on April 29, the salaries will be reduced to their previous levels.

On Friday, Mallory released this statement:

"I am rescinding the raises that I gave my staff and returning all salaries to the previous levels.  Although the changes that I made in my office structure resulted in a saving of $66,000 to be used in next year's budget, I realize that the perception has had a negative effect on the morale of other City Employees.

I am the biggest promoter of the public servants who choose to work for the city, both on my staff and in all City Departments.  I don't want to see anyone lose their job.  I have been successfully fighting to prevent layoffs throughout the recession.  I supported the parking plan because it will ensure that no city employees lose their job.  I plan to continue to fight for City Employees and to do everything that I can to minimize the reductions to our City Workforce.  Every job that we save is a win for our community."

City Administration has previously said layoffs are unavoidable to close Cincinnati's $35 million budget deficit, including positions in the police and fire departments.

"It's good to see that the Mayor realized that this is not the message that needs to be sent to the employees and the firefighters during this time," Local 48 firefighter union president Matt Alter told FOX19. "As we've stated before, as the public knows at this point, we're facing 120 layoffs within a matter of five weeks."

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