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Tips for Cooking the Perfect Gourmet burger at home


  • Start with excellent ground beef (80/20 ground chuck is good starting point)
  • Portion correctly (using an ice cream scoop).  This is important so that cooking time is consistent.
  • Season meat to your liking – don't overlook simple (sea salt and fresh ground pepper).
  • Start meat on moderate temperature, finish on higher temp.
  • Always cook ground meat to proper endpoint – (for beef it's 160⁰F min.)
  • Turn the burgers often.  (I know this is counter to what you may have been taught)
  • Choose a good bun, and butter grill it for more flavor
  • Fresh toppings, like tomatoes, crisp lettuce, onions, etc.
  • Classic cheese, American or Cheddar good for melting, also bleu cheese good choice, or other upscale cheese you prefer.
  • Sauce – I prefer Frisch's Tartar Sauce, or Chipotle Mayonnaise

Hardware you will want:

  • Grill, gas or charcoal with two heat zones (medium 300⁰F and HOT 450⁰F) or flat top griddle if cooking inside.
  • Ice cream scoop # 8 for 1/3 Lb. burgers.
  • Parchment paper, to keep burgers separate until they are grilled
  • Hamburger patty mold, available at any grocery store or make one yourself.
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