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NKY soldiers return home from Afghanistan


Sunday was a homecoming for more than 100 soldiers in northern Kentucky who returned after defending our country for nearly a year in Afghanistan.

They came home as part of the 449th Mobility Augmentee Company working as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Waiting with signs, balloons and emotions, these friends and family members have waited 11 months for this moment.  Their soldiers are back from a long deployment in Afghanistan.

"It's very emotional.  I have so many emotions.  I missed him!  I'm ready for him to come home," said Jessica Watkins as she waited for her husband.

For some soldiers, it was about coming home, catching up and relaxing.

"I'm very happy to be back.  We went over there, did our job.  Time to come home, see friends, move on with life," said Kyle Mather who was deployed with the 449th MAC.

For others, it's the chance to meet someone for the first time, like your 6-month old daughter, Lillian.

"Words can't describe actually the meaning of the feeling that I'm feeling right now.  I'm just waiting to catch up, and spend a little bit of lovely time with them," said Travis Absher, who was deployed with the 449th MAC.

Absher's wife says Sunday's homecoming has been a long time coming for her, her husband and their baby.  It's something she's planned for since he was deployed.

"I'm beyond happy.  He gets to have his daughter and I get to have my husband and we get to have our family," said Absher's wife, Leslie.

Obviously he couldn't be there in person for his daughter's birth, but a little technology changed that.

"We were actually blessed with the fact that we could use Skype.  The whole labor was Skyped.  More of it than I wanted to be Skyped!  But, he got to see everything," added Absher's wife, Leslie.

There were other soldiers who also met their children for the first time on Sunday.  Absher says there's no better sight than seeing all the soldiers home safe and sound.

"There's no feeling that can beat it.  You can look around right now.  These are tears of joy, not tears of sadness," Absher told FOX19.

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