After a long battle, Tri-State veteran finds a good job

Army veteran Buck Clay hired with a local digital marketing company.
Army veteran Buck Clay hired with a local digital marketing company.

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A military veteran in the Tri-State has finally found a job after meeting with many hiring managers who simply didn't know how to take his managerial experience in the U.S. Army and make it fit with the jobs they had open.

"They kind of see it as, 'Ok, so you ran around in camouflage with a gun?' You know, it's kind of laughed at. It's almost mocking when I go to some of these HR departments," veteran Buck Clay told FOX19 last month.

Clay says thanks to our story, he's now found a wonderful job with the digital marketing company Rock Fish in Cincinnati. He's absolutely thrilled. Clay says he'll start working at Rock Fish next month.

For other veterans, the battle to find a job continues. Pres. Obama, Vice President Biden, and their spouses appeared together at the White House yesterday to encourage more businesses to hire veterans and their spouses. In the coming years, as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wind-down, more than a million service members will be hanging-up their uniforms and transitioning to civilian life.

Companies that hire veterans currently get a tax credit. Pres. Obama called on Congress to make that tax credit permanent.

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