Frey Takes Stand for Cross-Examination

Amber Frey cross-examined about phone calls to Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson's defense lawyer, cross-examining Peterson's ex-mistress, tried to paint Amber Frey as a seductress obsessed with Peterson. Defense attorney Mark Geragos questioned Frey about phone conversations with Peterson, implying Frey may have not have recorded every conversation after being asked to do so by detectives. Frey insisted she taped and turned over all such calls once being told to do so.

Jurors have heard 40 wiretapped calls between the couple in which Peterson continues to romance Frey as the search the search continues for his wife, Laci. Geragos downplayed the prosecution theory that Peterson's obsession with Frey was his motive for murder, implying instead Peterson just wanted one-night stands with her.

Geragos also said that on December 26th, 2002, Frey called Peterson 14 times. Her cross-examination continues tomorrow.