Tricia's bringing you Another Side of Dr. Henry Jay Heimlich

Dr. Henry Jay Heimlich is famous for saving thousands of lives with his research and implementation of Heimlich maneuver.

What you may not know is Dr. Heimlich, now 93, invented a medical breakthrough every decade for 40 years. His inventions span from an eye infection treatment during World War II to his widespread maneuver to save choking victims.

Some of those inventions, he says, came to him while sitting at a stop light.

Dr. Heimlich also talked to Tricia about what he's most proud of, his 61 year marriage to his wife, Jane, who recently passed away. A woman he fell in love with 'at first sight', while enjoying an ice cream soda.

"Do people come up to you and say 'you saved my mom's life with the Heimlich maneuver'?" Tricia asks.

"Almost always. It's very wonderful."

FOX19's Tricia Macke is bringing you another side of the Cincinnati legend, Sunday night at 10:00.

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