Clermont Co. sirens inadvertently activated

CLERMONT COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - All Clermont County hazard warning sirens were inadvertently activated at 10:15 on Thursday morning.

John Kiskaden, Director of Public Safety and Emergency Services, reports there was a malfunction of the siren transmitter located at the Union Township Communications Center.

"We were working on them and some type of malfunction occurred causing them to completely set off," explained Sgt. Mike Mills of Union Township Police.

Mills says the township had difficulty fully activating the sirens during Wednesday's monthly siren test and needed the assistance of Clermont County to activate the county-wide system. He says they were working on the system when the sirens were triggered. Union Township is in charge of activating the system for the drill every three months.

Clermont County Communication Center fielded roughly 250 calls in response to the sirens and in Union Township the call volume was so heavy it temporarily locked up their system.

"One of the dispatchers couldn't even answer any more calls because it restarted her whole system," Mills said.

Mills says he hopes in the future people will turn on their weather radios and TVs before picking up the phone.

"If something's going on they're going to break in and report it," he said. "Calling your police department is only going to delay emergency services if there is an emergency."

In the event of an emergency, all of the outdoor warning sirens in Clermont County will be activated when the following conditions exist:

  • Tornado Warning is issued by the National Weather Service
  • A Tornado or funnel cloud is reported by a public safety official or trained weather spotter
  • A Chemical emergency has occurred resulting in a shelter-in-place order to be issued

The purpose of the outdoor warning system is to send people indoors to get information from other sources.

Follow this link for siren information by county:

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