Stephanie faces her fears of skating

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It's every girl's break your nose and miss your date with Doug Simpson! But when a wayward lacrosse ball broke my nose in high school, my only concern was getting back on the field.

So how did that fearless female turn into this Nervous Nellie? At some point I stopped taking risks for fear of getting hurt. Many neurologists believe the brain matures at 25, making adults more risk-averse.

One thing I've wanted to do but been too scared to try, is skate with the Cincinnati Rollergirls.

But first I need to start slow. I talked to skating experts at the Fun Factory in Norwood. I hoped they could give me advice, but some hurt more than helped.

Brothers Isaiah and Joshua Gill, just turned 10 and 11 respectively, both on April 24! But despite sharing a birthday, they gave me opposing advice.

"If you go as fast as you can you could injure yourself and have to go to the hospital, then never skate again," said Josh.

"You could be easier on yourself. Don't try to impress the fans. You just try to do anything that you can do," said Isaiah.

Malik Sally, 11, didn't try to sugarcoat things. "You keep trying, get used to crying."

Finally little Mia Matthews, 5, got me pumped up to skate. "When you start skating, you feel like you're scared but you're not scared. Just like I did but more better. Just keep skating and skating and skate."

I finally got out on the rink and faced my fear, with a helping hand or two.

Skating here's as simple as a split. But I'm still afraid the Rollergirls will tear me in half!