Investigators Probe Witnesses into Queen City Barrel Fire

Agents are getting closer to finding out what caused a fire at the Queen City Barrel company last week.

They have gathered information, but they say the investigation is a complex and long road.

Right now, investigators are open to all kinds of possibilities into why the warehouse went up in flames. They have to go over the company's history, records, the structure itself, and talk to witnesses.

Agents spoke to one witness on Tuesday. His name is Bobby White. He lives around the area, but because he does not have a residence, police helped find him. White did come in for an interview.

Talking to folks in the neighborhood is just the beginning. Agents still need to get inside the scene. Firefighters are still spraying water on hot spots, and walls could still crumble.

"We're waiting to get into the scene until it can be determined to be structurally sound, there's issues about barrels you see here to find out what's in these barrels," says Captain Dan Rottmueller with Cincinnati's Investigation Unit.

Just to be safe, the EPA needs to make sure those barrels are in fact empty. Many agencies are working together, including federal agents. The ATF Response Team has brought in their forensic experts, chemists, engineers, lab specialists, and even an accelerant detection dog is in town from Lexington.

Captain Rottmueller says it probably won't be until next week until they can safely go into the building.