Massive preparations required for Flying Pig Marathon

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Flying Pig Marathon is not only a race, but a huge party involving thousands of people in the Queen City.

The preparations for the event are staggering. Planning security, safety and entertainment are just part of the huge Tri-state affair.

"We have over 5500 volunteers, we call them grunts," said Flying Pig Executive Director Iris Simpson Bush."We have, it'll be, somewhere approaching 35 thousand participants this year which is unbelievable. It's a major undertaking, but it's a labor of love for a lot of people."

On top of this massive volunteer blitz, hundreds of police hours are spent setting up and managing the race at every corner.

"We have multiple jurisdictions, numerous political subdivisions are involved," explains Covington Police Chief, Michael 'Spike' Jones. "You have numerous police agencies, different radio and communication channels, different supervision."

Preparations for the Flying Pig don't stop there. This year, over 100 live entertainment acts sang, danced and played alongside the course to encourage Sunday's participants.

Finally, medical professionals had to be organized for the marathon. There is basically a hospital at the finish line.

"We got this medical crew, they are trained professionals. They know exactly what to look for and they are just helping the runners to a safe finish."

Security, planning and flawless execution allows events like the Flying Pig to run smoothly. All of this is required to make the Flying Pig one of the best and safest events in the Queen City.

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