Gunman Opens Fire at Tri-State K-Mart

Hamilton County Deputies are trying to figure out why a man with a handgun killed a K-Mart employee, shot a customer and then turned the gun on himself.

A witness who called 911 for help described what she saw: "Okay, one shot and he's not breathing? Yeah, he got shot in the head. The other one's in the front by the front door."

The shooting happened around 7:30 Tuesday night at the K-Mart on Colerain Avenue. Police say Paul Faith, 25, of Green Township shot and killed K-Mart employee, Paul Heid, 22, of Colerain Township. Faith also took aim at a customer from Mt. Healthy, James Patrick Daly, who was shot in the mouth. He is still in the hospital and his condition is not known.

A sheriff's deputy fired once at Faith as he sped away in a car. After a 70 mile an hour chase down Colerain Avenue, he was stopped. Faith then quickly shot and killed himself on Beekman Avenue. Investigators are not yet sure of a motive.