Few citations issued since Ky. texting ban

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - A law banning all cell phone use for minors while driving in Kentucky has been in effect since 2011, but a very small amount of citations have actually been issued to those breaking the law.

"In around the state of Kentucky, there has only been 1,000 citations for the entire state," said Chief Tom Collins of the Newport Police Dept. "So I think it is pretty obvious that they have made this difficult for law enforcement to enforce."

The state law bans all drivers from texting and driving and bans minors under the age of 18 to use their cell phones except in emergencies. A ticket can't be issued to a driver caught texting while their vehicle is not moving.

Court data shows since 2011 in Campbell, Kenton and Boone counties a total of 95 cell phone use citations have been issued to minors. The Newport Police Department has never issued such citation.

"How does the policeman know on the initial traffic stop that they are under 18," questioned Collins. "We all know the intention of it, but as far as actually taking someone to court and enforcing it, I think it is another story."

Kentucky State Police officials say "The texting law has been beneficial to Kentucky as it has brought attention to the dangers of texting and driving."