Camp Counselors Slain

Person of interest in camp counselor murder case

California police say they're questioning a skateboarder from Wisconsin as a "potential witness" in the murder of two camp counselors. Authorities say they are not holding him as a suspect. Nicholas Scarseth contacted authorities after hearing that he was a "person of interest." A Sonoma County Sheriff's official says investigators only want to question him to see what he knows about the case. Two Christian camp counselors were found shot to death last week in their sleeping bags on a beach, after failing to show up for work. Scarseth had been stopped for violating a skateboarding ordinance Friday about 100 miles away. His mother says she talked to Scarseth about a month ago and that he told her he was "just roaming around" California. She also says her son has a drinking problem and harbors anger toward religious people, but that she's confident he didn't kill anyone.