Crooks go 'phishing' trying to steal Apple IDs

This is what Apple's legitimate site looks like for entering your Apple ID.
This is what Apple's legitimate site looks like for entering your Apple ID.

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Even your Apple ID can be used against you these days. FOX19's hearing of a scam where crooks try to steal your username and password for purchasing songs, e-books, and apps from Apple. It's also been used to access the documents and photos you store on Apple's iCloud. But what makes your Apple ID so valuable to online thieves is that it's tied to your credit or debit card.

"Money. That's exactly what they're after," said Rachel Folz, FOX19's digital content director. "What they're going to do is a phishing scam whereby they want to pull that information out to get your credit card number."

Phishing involves scam artists pretending to be a legitimate company to fool people into typing in their personal information.

"The e-mail you're going to get is going to look an awful lot like an Apple e-mail," said Folz, who appeared on the FOX19 Morning News.

Security firm Trend Micro says this attack on Apple IDs is new.

"Users may be redirected to these phishing sites via spam messages that state that the user's account will expire unless their information is subject to an 'audit,'" Trend Micro's blog said, "which not only gets users to click on the link, it puts them in a mindset willing to give up information."

According to International Business Times, you can make sure you're on Apple's legitimate ID login page by looking for the green HTTPS label on the left-hand side of the URL in your browser, "which usually looks like a padlock, next to the name of Apple Inc," IBT said. (See picture above.)

In addition, Apple is now offering a two-step process for signing-in. Find out how to do that by clicking here.

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