The Dating Doctor's advice to re-entering the dating world

(FOX19) - Re-entering the dating world following a divorce can be a struggle. The Dating Doctor, David Coleman, offers a few tips, and a couple warnings, to those striating to date again.

Coleman details five stages of dating following divorce.

  1. Fear- People fear that the last person they had will be the only person. This stage includes the fear of dying alone following divorce.
  2. Freedom- Newly dating individuals will date everyone who they wanted to date while they were married, but couldn't.  Individuals could go a bit crazy in this stage.
  3. Finding- An individuals quest to find someone special.
  4. Forming- Forming something meaningful with a particular individual.
  5. Finalize- Finalize the relationship (be it marriage, living together etc.)

So where do you start when re-entering the dating world?

Online dating is huge. However, Coleman warns of some dangers involved with online dating. There are some safety issues regarding online dating. Be on the lookout for people trying to get you off of the dating site. Do not trust individuals who try to immediately meet in person. Never give somebody your cell phone number or private information until you have met them in person. Do not use your full name on these dating sites. Rather, choose a generic name to initially contact individuals on dating sites.

If and when you decide to meet in person, keep your first few encounters very public and very brief. Let friends know where you are.

For more advice from the Date Doctor, visit David Coleman's website. 

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