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HEY DAD: Moms to be expect Mother's Day gifts


With Mother's Day just a few days away, a new survey conducted by EMA New Moms, suggests that first-time expectant moms expect to receive a gift on Mother's Day, but dads have no clue.  

Of those surveyed, nearly 60 percent of women said that when they were pregnant with their first child, they expected their partner to buy them a gift on Mother's Day.

However, when dads were asked whether they thought their first-time expecting significant other expected to receive a gift on Mother's Day, six out of 10 said no. 

"The fact that both parents have two very different reactions to this question of what first-time pregnant moms expect on Mother's Day suggests that brands need to help moms get the recognition she craves," said Sandy Gingerich, EMA senior partner and New Moms team leader. 

Expecting women who didn't receive a gift on Mother's day said they felt "unappreciated." What gives for dads? When asked why they didn't purchase a gift for their pregnant significant other, most men simply said they "didn't think about it."  

When given a list of Mother's Day gift options, most moms said they'd like to receive a card, flowers or "nothing specific, it's the thought that counts."

EMA conducted the What Expectant Moms Expect on Mother's Day study nationwide among more than 400 individual females and males.

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