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The Ten Commandments of Dog Adoption

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FOX19's Steve Hortmeyer is an adamant dog lover. Steve and his wife, Annie, have 11 dogs at home. All of his dogs have been adopted. 

The chief spoke this morning at Petopolis, a two-day pet extravaganza at the Duke energy center.

Steve discussed the importance of pet adoption, including, what Steve calls, the Ten Commandments of the Adoption Process.  

1. Adoption is a life long commitment

2. A good owner is a good neighbor

3. There shalt be no bad dogs, just unskilled owners

4. There shalt be two weeks of chaos with each new addition

5. Dogs loveth to run, but just like you dogs nedeth time to get in shape

6. Thou must be awareth, a good idea to a dog may not be a good idea to you

7. Thou won't be awareth, but believeth, there are many good smells beyondeth the yard

8. Thou must Knoweth, older dogs needeth homes too, and they cometh house broken

9. Thou shalt knowest they do not know what you sayeth, but they understand your emotions

10. Thou shalt always remember, a tired dog is a happy dog which begats a happy owner 


To download a PDF of Steve's Commandments, equipped with awesome pictures, check out The Ten Commandments of Dog Adoption (or any other animal)

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