Job fair for veterans held Thursday

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A job fair just for veterans was held in Cincinnati on Thursday. The event was one of 67 job fairs held in 38 cities across the country this year.

John Lundberg is Director of Events, Logistics and Operations for Recruit Military, which puts on the jobs fairs.

Lundberg says the goal is to get veterans hired, or at least show them what they need to do to get a job.

"A lot of these men and women, they transition out of the military. They really don't have an idea of where to go, or how their skill sets may line up. That's what we do for these men and women that come here today," explained Lundberg.

That's what brought 24-year-old Josh McDade to the job fair. Josh spent four years in the army rising to the rank of Sergeant, but now as a civilian, Josh says he finds the job market frustrating.

"It's tough. You've really got to cast the net far and wide. I've probably put in close to 150 job applications in the past three weeks with little to no reply what so ever," said McDade.

Josh's story is not unique. Army Reservist Carl Sider says many vets who don't have a college degree find themselves in a tough situation.

"They're looking for two types of things, either experience or education, and they don't want to give you the experience without the education, so you kind of find yourself stuck to either go back to college or find somebody that's willing to hire you for a lower paying job," explained Sider.

Scott Parton, a Sergeant who will be getting his discharge from the 82nd Airborne in the coming weeks says the adjustment to civilian life can also be challenging.

"It's always a challenge to reintegrate yourself in a military environment where there's so much structure and discipline... coming into the civilian world. A lot of people feel a little apprehension losing that structure," said Parton.

McDade says his transition is getting easier, and his hopes of finding a good job have been renewed.

"It was a good opportunity, you know, you got to meet people. You got to shake hands. You got to introduce yourself to the people who would be hiring you,"  said McDade.

Josh says he has two job interviews.

Recruit Military says 25% of the veterans who attend the job fairs end up getting a job.

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