Newport Cop Stopped for Drunk Driving, Not Arrested

On his way back from a bar early Sunday Morning, a Newport Police Sergeant is pulled over for drunk driving by a Fort Thomas police officer.

The Fort Thomas Police department released a videotape of the stop on Thursday.  The fifty minute tape shows the driver weaving on the road as it exits from I-471 south to I-275 west. 

It turned out, Fort Thomas patrol officer Adam Brown pulled over the second shift commander for the Newport Police Department.  Sergeant Mark Crank refused to take a field sobriety test.  Officer Brown then decided to call his supervisor, Sergeant Todd Dedman.  Sgt. Dedman came to the scene to see for himself.

You can hear on the tape the Fort Thomas officers discussing the situation as a Catch 22 - whether they arrest him or not, they feared consequences.

Speaking to Sgt. Crank, officer Brown says, "You are DUI. There is no question about it - you know it - I know it - there is no question about it, OK? You have put me in a horrible situation tonight...I am obligated by state law and by ethics to treat you just like I do anybody else. OK, now the problem is, you and I both know the political storm that I am going to stir up."

After long struggle to decide, Sgt. Crank was not arrested.

"The decision was ultimately made collectively, between the two officers to contact the supervisor that was on duty working for the Newport P.D. To respond to the scene, remove the operator, and his vehicle from the highway," says Lt. Mark Dill of Fort Thomas Police.


cting Newport Police Chief Pat Moore has seen the tape, and there is an investigation into Sgt. Crank's actions, "We have not reached a total conclusion yet, because we want to have all the facts available to us. But at this time, it appears disciplinary action will be pending."

Fort Thomas Police Chief Steven Schmidt counseled Officer Brown and Sgt. Dedman about their decision.  That counseling is the only disciplinary action being taken.