Mike Allen Sued: County Commissioners React

Outside the county administration building

it was certainly a spectacle. But inside,
ommissioners met behind closed doors.

After the meeting commissioners did share with us their shock at

the ac
cusations against County Prosecutor Mike Allen and at the lawsuit she filed against him and the county.

"I haven't heard of one rumor, one anything until yesterday afternoon,"

said Commissioner John Dowlin.

Commissioner Todd Portune acknowledged he had heard rumors of an affair.

"There had been that," Portune said. But he'd never heard of any impending lawsuit.

According to the suit, Collins first filed an internal complaint about 2 weeks ago, but Allen did not inform the county, instead, the suit claims, he tried to discourage Collins from moving forward. Allen's attorney confirms that complaint "was" filed but at one point, during a discussion, Collins' took it back.

Regardless, Portune says Mike Allen should have informed the board.

"When an issue is raised that implicates your client it is the duty of the attorney to inform that client."

"Who knows what the truth is," said Commissioner John Dowlin.

Meanwhile, Dowlin and Portune say they want to find the truth with their own internal investigation.

By law

the county must pay for their own attorney,
ike allen's attorney, as well as possible damages awarded to
f you live in hamilton county that money will come from your pocket.

"Regrettably it's public money it's taxpayer money

said Portune.